About Us

Who We Are

Pix Vine Capital (PixVC)

is a Singapore-based Investment House providing early-stage venture capital to startups aspiring to commercialize innovative solutions in the areas of Info-Tech, Med-Tech and FinTech.

We have a High Risk – High Return philosophy.


Our Core Objectives are:

  • To attract startups and entrepreneurs with disruptive solutions and ideas
  • To equip them with the network they need to bolster their go-to-market strategies
  • To propel our startups through to successful exits
  • To bridge cross-border startup and investor ecosystems

How We Started

How We Started

PixVC commenced its investment activities with a focus on Israel since 2007, establishing itself as a player within the startup-investments ecosystem. Israel, home to the largest number of NASDAQ-listed companies outside of the USA, continues to be one of the key focus areas for us.

Our home base in Singapore has facilitated the investment push into India, China & Southeast Asia besides being an ideal launchpad for our startups to grow.

What We Do

What We Do

To date, PixVC has invested in 40 plus promising, high technology ventures across Israel, Singapore, China, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Thailand.

Collaborative partnerships with other investors, incubators, accelerators, tertiary institutions and research laboratories world over through co-investment and cross-pollination of ideas are hallmarks of our investment and growth model. Our extensive investment network and direct inroads to sector-specific technological expertise means PixVC is in an optimal position to build bridges for startups and entrepreneurs who seek to expand swiftly across borders.

What We Look For

Partner, Invest, X-it or simply Pix, embodies our investment outlook.

PixVC invests in passionate, street-smart teams that possess technical expertise and build-and-sell capabilities for commercialization. Startups playing in competitive, fast growth markets are expected to have unique solutions and/or a unique business model and customer/market validation. Ultimately, we look for scalable operations with a clear path to exit.


Some of the critical factors that we look for are:

Cutting-Edge Technology

Possibly Disruptive Technology

Crack Team

Blue Ocean Market

High Scalability

Clear Path to Exit

What We Aim For

What We Aim For
  • Every investment is personal and special to us and we strive to make each a success.
  • Seek out opportunities to create synergistic partnerships between our portfolio companies and other enterprises to help them grow through collective strength and knowledge beyond their individual potential.
  • Connecting with entrepreneurs, investors and the larger ecosystem of Southeast Asia, China, India, Israel and in the future, Silicon Valley, Boston and Europe.
  • To become a leading Fund House in the future.